11/29/07 – man there was a lot of Countdown stuff this week

December 1, 2007

…and I bought none of it of course, not much of a DC guy. I might buy the Sinestro War trade though, we’ll see, the Ion vs. Superboy Prime fight this week was pretty lame – basically degenerating into a simple punching match.

PS. WHY is Prime like 30x stronger than normal Superman, has anyone ever explained that?

Oh, and WTF is Miss Martian’s origin? Was there one? Is she one of the leftover white Martians from the Martian Manhunter limited? Or just some OTHER random white martian who wants to play nice? Although her moment in Titans 53 was pretty interesting – nevermind how difficult it should be to kill a white martian – what do you do once you’ve killed your future self?

Cable & Deadpool 47

Since this title is winding down at 50, everything until then is just funny-book-style killing time, so I can’t really get into it. That being said, the story *was* entertaining. I don’t think I’d buy a Deadpool solo title again though, unless Gail Simone was writing it.

We already know Cable is coming back (well, IS back actually), and I heard a rumor about where Deadpool was going, I think it involved Wolverine (so maybe X-Force?), but I forget, so I just don’t see what the point is. There doesn’t seem to be anything to wrap up, especially since it’s tending towards comedy lately, so I think they should just let the series go.

Then again, it did almost make it to 50, so they probably figured, “Hey, let’s end it on a milestone!” Sure, fine, whatever, I’m just not caring anymore. Even though I the writer. Not, physically you know. The Skottie Young covers are interesting though, especially compared to his New X-Men work.

Thunderbolts: Breaking Point

I made the picture bigger because I feel like it. The cover is not really that special. I find all these Thunderbolts minis interesting, especially with the main story going on. They never had all these one shots before, so why all of them now? To fill in stuff editors wanted in Ellis’ arc that he didn’t?

The question arises as to whether he will actually use any of the continuity created here, in the previous one shot, or in the Penance mini. I’d wager no, but hey what do I know, that was old Marvel. New Marvel is interconnected! I sure hope he does so the stories don’t go to waste.

PS. I hate the semi-retconned, gave up all the progress she made towards reform Moonstone. I HATE HATE HATE. There was so much work done on her character with the two real TBolts writers that to see this stuff just makes me sick. Now she’s just another villain playing hero – there is no redemption for someone who schemes to get someone else’s mother killed. Or maybe that was Osborn, at this point I really don’t care.

I hope to fuck someone shows a reunion with Hawkeye and he’s going, “Wait, did the Moonstones eat your brain during that whole rebirth thing? Because, shit, you seem like a 15 year old now.”

New X-men 44 (Soon to be gone??) & X-Men 205 (Soon to be X-Men Legacy)

Busy cover there on the left isn’t it? At least in the sense that the penciller is very “liney”. You know you love it when I use technical terms. I’m guessing it’s the same cover artist as X-Men 205…yes, I just checked it is. David Finch I think. I must say I prefer this cover to 205’s. Something just looks off about Sinister’s face, that and the cover implies he has something to do with Deathstrike (man I’m so jaded by stupid spellings in comics I almost thought it was “DeathstrYke”…then remembered she was created back in the day before most of those stupid spellings – like “Skarr”..that one’s a winner!), which he doesn’t, at all. So far anyway.

So yeah, I review these together because they are running the same story – it’s also done well enough that I didn’t even notice that they were written by two different writers. Well, 3 actually, since Kyle & Yost apparently don’t write apart from each other. Maybe they are Siamese twins?

The story? Messiah CompleX continues basically. New X-men brings in the aforementioned Deathstrike & the Reavers, and 205 brings back a (briefly) missing X-Man in a role I honestly didn’t see coming. I mean, I knew they were bringing him back, but somehow I didn’t think it would be this fast. It does seem to make sense though. This crossover seems to be digging up ALL the goodness from the previous 20 years – I’m half expecting what’s left of Freedom Force to jump out from behind a corner. Oh wait, it already did – only Mystique and Spiral are left (I think), and bringing Spiral into anything involves acknowledging the existence of Mojo, so she’s probably AWOL for a while.

Definitely good reads, looking forward to the resolution of MC more than the story itself though.
David from NewX gets killed, maybe, but probably not.

Y-The Last Man trade #5

I picked this up for Jen, as she’s working her way through the story. Hopefully we’ll be all caught up in trades by the time the final issue comes out (January I think, *sniff*). I love this series, and was right with it up until the last issue. Now I’m not so sure…I’m actually *hoping* for a Deux Ex Machina kind of ending now. Sad isn’t it? Who knows though, BKV is pretty skilled, maybe he’ll pull it off. Although I guess by “pull it off” I’m hoping for a happy ending, and happy endings aren’t Vertigo territory in any way, so I suspect a very melancholy closer.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – The Black Dossier

Wow, this is a lot of text for a comic. In fact, it’s not really even a comic, it’s just disguised as one. What it is is an interesting exploration of uses for the medium. And some cool stories about past versions of the League. I ‘m only halfway through it, so more later when I finish.


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