12/05/07 in brief

December 5, 2007

Some stuff I had a chance to skim:

World War Hulk: Aftersmash – I really liked this. I hope it’s in the main WWH trade, it certainly doesn’t belong elsewhere. I hope the new Goliath sticks around for a while. Maybe once the Tbolts get back on track they can pick him up…

X-Men: Die by the Sword 4 – I’m still kind of confused about how some things got where, but I’m guessing this is CC wrapping up most of his running plot points. Very curious what will come of the Morph/Proteus thing, seems like #4 would have been an excellent place to deal with more of it. Maybe we’ll finally find out why Ali couldn’t die? And where was Nocture this issue? *confused and needs to re-read the first 3*

Ms. Marvel 22 – Not a bad read as far as this title goes. I love the addition of Machine manwoman to the “team”, but it’s still not worth buying. I hear she’s going back to Binary, which would be kind of cool. I loved the stories where she was with the Starjammers.

What If: Shi’ar blah blah – Meh. You’ve seen once Phoenix go crazy only to be stopped by the bonds of love and family, you’ve seen them all.

House of M: Avengers 2 – Surprisingly enjoyable. Still not worth buying, because it can’t have any effect on anything current, but a nice read so far if you’re bored, or into alt-continuity stuff. I think it would have done better maybe under the What If? brand, especially because the entire basis for it no longer exists. With that in mind, it’s worth reading if you’re on a WI? binge.

The Order 5 – Almost good, but not worth taking home. This series is about 75% better than I expected it to be but, strangely, its very appeal (new, disposable heroes) is what turns me off to it. Maybe if I see them interacting with the outside world in the coming Big Crossover I’ll get more involved. I do like Veda though.

Annihilation Conquest 2 – It would be a shame of the injured party here dies, as the Marvel U really needs more of what she is. Not nearly enough…yep, giant dragons. Seriously. I love that the High Evolutionary is involved, I loved the Evolutionary War, and his character in general. Most definitely grabbing the trade for this one. I’m Groot!

Countdown 21 – People die, Granny Goodness continues to look retarded, Batman Beyond cameos, monitors name themselves, and…Yawn. What?

More later…maybe.


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