12/12/07 addendum – Salvation Run 02

December 14, 2007

WTF is up with this? The whole Lex Luthor go USA speech thing – that worked – really?

Oh, and the Joker is tired, old, and boring. We get it, he has no powers but his insanity. Would he really be able to kill Psimon though? I very powerful TELEPATH and TELEKINETIC? Answer, no, he wouldn’t. Not that I’ll miss Psimon, but fucking please people, please stop trying to make Joker badass. He’s not. Maybe versus someone with no powers like Batman, but he’s just a stupid crazy out of his league with real villains. Even powerless Lex would fit in there better than him.

Please, please kill Joker. Let that Kid Karnevil kid kill him and wear his skin..then we can basically get a new Joker with the same schtick as the old one, but he won’t be quite as insipid and annoyingly stupid.


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