12/19/07 – in brief

December 21, 2007

Checkmate 21 – Stuff about France and French people. *yawn* Don’t care.
Countdown 19 – The corpse thing is really getting old. I hope it “goes somewhere”.
Countdown whatever Superwoman-Batwoman – This was marginally interesting. Sure, it was mostly just the same thing as Amazons Attack with more tits (amazingly!), but I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this Elseworld. Possibly because it’s immediately obvious how biased comics are on the gender roles of their main characters. It’s weird, I had a strange inverted moment that I’m sure women/minorities/etc. must experience all the time: I was reading it and I almost thought “Damn, there’s a lot of female super heroes, where are all the dudes?” Luckily I caught myself and enjoyed the mental stretching it put me through.
Countdown Arena 3 – Much less stupid than previous issues, but still stupid, and marred by HORRIBLE art. WTF was up with the WWx3 fight? They all looked like Plastic Bitch drawn by a 7 year old. If you’re going to try and make a fanboygasm comic with the fights, make them DRAWED PRETY PLZ THX. I’m sure it would be interesting if I thought they had a chance of beating the..whatever his name is, but they don’t. We already know that. So what’s the point?
JLA 16 – OK, seriously whatever. I guess it’s leading up to something.
Superman 671 – They’re working hard to find ways around how uninteresting and overpowered Superman is. This time, it’s bugs!

Immortal Iron Fist 11 – I’m really liking the current run here. Very film noir martial arts crazy. I may pick up the trades. This issue just continues the madness with an all-to-brief meeting of the old Heroes for Fire. Question though: IF & Luke are on the same Avengers team, so when the hell is this supposed to take place? I’m guessing right after the Civil War?
Incredible Hulk/Herc 112 – Gotta love Cho. No, not Margaret, Amadeus. I’m glad that Pak managed to use his time at Marvel to bring in a compelling and interesting ethnic character! Here is a non-white character I want to read more about, and I think others will too, who is not just a randomly inserted token. Herc has been on a kind of comeback run lately too, and everything is still looking good. This issue in particular is just setting the groundwork for the new status-quo. The usage of Ares was interesting, although I thought someone off of his current characterization, at least re: The Ares lt. series. But I could be wrong, it’s been a while.
She-Hulk 24 – The new direction is just a jarring shift from the previous that I’m still off-kilter. love Peter David’s stuff normally, but this just isn’t doing it for me lately. Plus, the inclusion of a Skrull so close to the Secret Invasion stuff just seems off. BUT it does make for interesting possibilities involved with yet another “good” skrull helping to fend off their brethren.
Terror Inc. 4 – Don’t ask me why but I’m enjoying this series. It’s a good usage of the MAX line (it is MAX isn’t it? I saw lots of breasts in there, and all kinds of carnage). Not nearly interesting enough for me to buy, but it seems well done, so I hope some do.
The Order 6 – This one is really growing on me, I may pick it up in trades if it makes it into its second year. This issue in particular had some great character bits, although the whole S.H.A.D.O.W. weirdness seems like another random-retro insertion into Marveldom (like Joss Whedon’s S.W.O.R.D.), but I guess that’s how secret agencies work, so no big.
Ultimate X-Men 89 – A very odd way of dealing with the Shadow King. I expect he’ll be back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying Ult. X-Men now under Kirkman probably more than I have under any other writer, but it’s just not that Ultimate. The Ultimate U has pretty much failed on what I thought was one of it’s original premises – to change and shake things up and bring in new kinds of readers, something I thought would involve swapping more characters around. Genders, ethnicities, allegiances, etc. Sure, they killed Gambit, and Collossus is gay, and Nick Fury is black. But I think that’s it. Oh wait, and Cable is Wolverine and Bishop is old. That’s not near enough though. They had a chance to make real changes and blew it. So what are they doing with what they’ve got? Telling all the same old stories under newer, more modern, “lights”. Interesting? Yes. Revo/Evo-lutionary? No.


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