12/19/07 – Mighty Avengers 6 finally shipped

December 23, 2007

Note: My post got un-edited somehow and reset to an older version, losing about 70% of my commentary.

Not that anyone cares, but I can’t remember specifically what I said, and I don’t have time to retype it. So the last 3 reviews are very brief. FUCK!

Mighty Avengers 6

It’s about fucking time! So yeah, the first arc is finally over and we can catch up, hopefully, to wherever New Avengers is plotwise.

As for the resolution? It came a bit too fast, and was kind of silly and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense from a technical standpoint (would a modern virus scanner really not be able to pick up say, a virus written in FORTRAN? Somehow I suspect it would because they analyze behavior these-a-days), but it was a nice sort of, intro-to-everyone kind of first arc.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next arc – which we’ve already seen the semi-resolution for oven in New, but at least we haven’t seen whatever it is they are doing with Doom. Time travel sounds fun, haven’t seen much of that in a while… oh wait, there’s Time Travel in FF & in the X-Men crossover right now too. I guess Marvel must have lifted their TT moratorium (no idea if they really had one, but there wasn’t much of it for a while) finally, because that’s a lot of time hopping at one time.

Cho’s art was nice, but I won’t particularly miss it. I’m looking forward to Bagley’s (brief) arc.

New X-Men 45

MC continues! We get to see Wolverine’s “X-Force” get some action, although still no explanation of why they would think Cable would turn traitor…especially after being an X-Man for a few issues and being killed by the same folks that are after them now (well, Sinister’s side at least).

The bit with the X-Men chasing Cable and gunning to kill is stupid, and had better be explain in the closing issues.

Caliban trying to take a bullet for a bullet-proof friend was stupid. (Or is he not bulletproof now??) It was a needless way to get death & drama into this series without taking any real character kill (no, the X-kids don’t count) risk.



Exiles 100

Recap: Could be better, looking forward to next version.

Wolverine Origins 20

Recap: Why is this even a series if it spends so much time fucking around? I hope it pays off in the end, which there HAD BETTER BE A PURPOSEFUL END.







Cable/Deadpool 48

Recap: It’s an amazing thing FN did making a title like C&D work for this long, but it’s not surprising it’s ending and I’m looking forward to the new Cable book.

I really hope they give FN a real series, Thunderbolts would be nice.


One Response to “12/19/07 – Mighty Avengers 6 finally shipped”

  1. Tim H Says:

    Not a deadpool fan? I have to say, I loved it, especially this issue, but if you didn’t get the TRay stuff, then I guess it’d be a little different. I agree that I am exceptionally excited for the Cable series.

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