12/28/07 – last pull of the year!

December 29, 2007

And it wasn’t really anything all that special, but there was some good stuff.

Avengers: Initiative #8

This title hasn’t failed to impress yet. More madcap happenings both above and below ground at super-hero-u. Clone more MVPs you say? That sounds like a brilliant idea! And yet, nothing ever works out quite that well does it?

The new Ant-Man shows up….and somehow Hank doesn’t recognize his design that went awol from shield. Really?? That would be the one spot of really poor writing in an otherwise awesome series. Slott is very attentive to continuity normally, so I have a feeling he has a fix worked out for this one. Hopefully it will be spelled out on paper somewhere.

More character reveals (I like lizard girl more now), Hardball continues to be an ass, although the ass-ness pays off here, and he has a nice not-ass moment. When did “Thor-girl” join? Did I miss that? I remember reading the Thors with her, but I have no idea what her deal is…will have to look it up.

Starjammers 4, err I mean X-Men: Emperor Vulcan 4

I’m still enjoying this series and curious how it is going to wrap up. I don’t like the “reveal” that the MKraan just found the crystal too, this cheapens their initial position somewhat – although it was their homeworld, at least at that point in time.

How is Havok going to deal with his brother is beyond me, but I’m sure they’ve got something in mind. Because, really, leaving him alive at this point is stupid.

Lilandra’s continued ignorance of actual Shi’ar behavior seems a bit out of character though, she was never naive before, why should she be about this? I guess that’s what happens when you mix religion into politics.

X-Men 206

Small cover shot because it’s so fucking ugly. But, that was the intent afterall. 9 issues in and the “future” plot thread is still shaping up to be a waste of time. I mean, I’m sure it matures at some point, but WTF?

We get a “traitor” reveal, but I’m sure it’s not what it looks like, telepathy or something I’m sure. If it is what it looks like, well, shucks. There goes 30% of the minority X-Men ;p.

Oh, and Warpath gets more bloodthirsty. Dude, you haven’t talked to Caliban in years…you just have to admit to yourself that you really weren’t that close. And he was really stupid, trying to take a bullet for a bullet-proof friend.

Giant-Size Avengers 1

Pretty much a fluff piece here, in retrospect I shouldn’t have picked it up. The “Spider-Man learns respect” thing was stupid, and the Emperor None or whatever thing was moderately funny, but I’m pretty sure the punchline there (hint: Wolverine) has been done before, or at least done in a spoof.

Some good cheesecake shots of the “Ladies of Avenging” lounging by the pool if you’re into that kind of thing though.

Serious continuity flaw on one of the first pages though. Pretty sure I saw Diamondback in there with the Serpent Society ladies…and she joined the Initiative over in #8…that and isn’t she an LMD or something? I seem to recall something happening with her not too distantly in Captain America, not sure what though.

I haven’t gone through the reprint material yet, it might be worth it, I just don’t care enough.

New Warriors 7

I’m really enjoying this incarnation, and hope it lasts a while, the writer is doing a great job of going in a different direction than other series and giving it a distinct role. There are also some nice reveals and moments for old school New Warriors fans here (although it just happened to concern a period during which I wasn’t reading – second volume maybe? I’ll have to check).

One thing I’m not sold on is the art, I really don’t like the way some of the characters look…and I’m still not sold on Angel looking totally different (PS who is watching their 15 kids?). I have to look up Stacy and see what she looked like de-powered, but she also looks pretty different here.

I also picked up the final available volume of Y trade (v. 9) and got the Planet Hulk trade from Amazon. Both are great reads.

Oh, I almost forgot, grabbed X-Men Messiah Complex: Mutant Files

Bunch of retread source material for the most part, but I was curious what clues might be in here for the coming year.

Sure enough, I think there were some – or some of the stupidest red herrings ever.

So it would have all the standard stuff you would expect of a current-related sourcebook (ie stuff that’s been featured recently): Marauders, Illyana, Predator X, Kimura, the Deadly Genesis stuff, 198 stuff, new Starjammers, etc.

What it also had was: Savage Land Mutates (W T F?), Phoenix (please sweet comic deity don’t rez her yet, wait for everyone else to finish their corpse runs!), Lifeguard & Slipstream, Trish Tilby. So, I suspect those 4 will be chewing some scenery this year, because otherwise there was less than zero reason to update their info. Unless, of course, maybe it’s totally accounting style and LG & SS never had an entry before? I suppose that is possible. I would like to see LG again though, but SS was stupid. I’m thinking LG/SS would fit right in with the Exiles and they are Claremont creations…./shrug. Mutates…ok, so someone is going to the Savage Land. Trish? Moving into one of the books supporting casts I guess.

The back cover also mentioned “Ghoul”, but I couldn’t find him/her/it inside. Hmmm?


3 Responses to “12/28/07 – last pull of the year!”

  1. Dan Slott Says:

    Actually, Hank Pym believes that it WASN’T Eric O’Grady and, in fact, someone ELSE who originally knocked him out and stole his suit…

    And when Eric O’Grady winds up being the best candidate for the suit (in IRIDEEMABLE ANT-MAN #12), Hank approves it! No foolin’. Check your last issue of IA-M.

    (And Thor-Girl’s been there since A:TI #1. Really. Hardball makes a pass at her on the busride into the base. PAGE 9, Panel Five.)


    Dan “Mr. Continuity” Slott

  2. Tim H Says:

    Hey, I like your reviews. The problem I have with Emperor Vulcan is that it doesn’t seem to be DOING much. While things are happening in each issue, the plot doesn’t seem to be evolving too much, at least not in anywhere interesting.

  3. Andy Says:

    Re: Dan Slott:

    Holy crap…how did Dan Slott find my blog? I asked that question out loud, and my wife said “I don’t know, probably looking for monkey sex or something.” Because my wife is that cool. She knows what the internet is really for.

    But seriously. Thanks for stopping in! I’m loving Initiative…it’s the first “new character” type book I’ve bought (and stuck with past issue #2) in years and years. I hope it lasts longer than Ant-Man! I did read most of the Ant-Mans, but must have missed the last issue. It was funny, but just wasn’t interesting enough to me. That does make perfect sense though, so I’m happy. It was just a minor bitch anyway, why did you have to go and clear up my only bitch. Now I have no complaints.

    I think I recall seeing Thor-Girl, I was more of wondering sort of “What the heck has she been doing since Thor?” Truthfully, I don’t really remember what her deal was in the beginning. Oh wait, I just wiki’d her. Hmm. OK.

    That led me to this handy link at Marvel’s site:
    Which has a list of everyone on the cover to Initiative #1. Hmm, Silhouette is registered. She just popped up in NW#7, I wonder if that will come up.

    PS: I enjoyed your She-Hulk run as well, the closest anyone has ever come to almost making me care about that character leading a book (she’s a great supporting character to me, but I just can’t care enough for a solo series).

    PPS: I really appreciate your attention to continuity. Really. A lot. That’s part of what gives these stories value to me – that they draw on an established history. That #$% they just did with Spider-Man? [insert rant here]. So yeah, seeing Initiative (and She-Hulk, and I’m guessing your coming ASM work..although there’s nothing really to build on there now) build on established stuff, and add to it and make it all a wonderful makes me happy.

    RE: Tim H
    Thanks for finding me man! Wow, 2 hits on the same day.

    I agree that EV doesn’t seem to be “doing” anything, I suspect all the “doing” will happen in the last issue, build-up-and-boom style writing I guess. I enjoy it mostly because it has Havok, whom I love, and it seems to actually be addressing his leadership issues (nevermind that he led a team in Mutant X for how long…), which I think is long overdue.

    My guesses for what I think will happen:
    *Havok will grow a pair (again)
    *Havok may or may not kill Vulcan, I really hope he does.
    *A hero will die. Da duh! I dunno, for some reason I could see Polaris dying.
    *Phoenix goes crazy and kills some of those family killer secret guard guys. Man I hope so.

    Leading the Starjammers is a pretty good & logical place for Havok. It’s leadership out from under Scott’s wings, and it’s taking his father’s place. I wouldn’t mind if they left him there and did some actual work with it, hell I’d buy that Starjammers book.

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