02/28/08 – a missed trade

February 28, 2008

Cable & Deadpool/Deadpool Team-Up 50

Great final issue. I’m going to miss this title, but I’ll miss Fabian (the writer) even more. His Marvel work (sorry, no knowledge of work outside Marvel) has been a joy for me to read over the last 10 years or so. His Thunderbolts run was excellent, and this title was right up there too. The little book that could – it made it 50 issues! To be canceled & replaced by 2 new series (wasn’t Marvel trying to trim its X-line BACK?). Deadpool by Daniel Way I think…if his DP in Origins in any indicator of that title will be like..S K I P. The stupid-funny sight gag DP has been done and done-er IMHO. I like Fabians DP-redemption-silliness+awesome supporting cast much more than what I’ve seen so far in the Origins arc. Speaking of:

I cancelled Wolverine: Origins from my pull list.

Too fucking slow. Is anything happening here? Anything related to his origin that is? So far it’s just another stupid Wolverine book with ONE tiny, annoying “origin related” clue thrown in per arc. It’s supposed to end (and have an ending, and actually answer questions!) around issue 60. So, if by then it has turned the suckage around (which it may), I’ll pick up the trades. In softcover.

X-Men Legacy 208

This should be interesting – a solo Professor X title, at least until he gets all healed up, or some junk. It is interesting so far, one issue in :P. It’s Exodus trying to put Chuck’s mind back together (where exactly is he storing the missing memories, in his own head??) via Romita Sr. drawn flashbacks. Off to a decent start, but not much to say. Well, the inclusion of Karima/Omega Sentinel is interesting – I’m guessing Mr. Carey wanted to bring at least one of his previous X-cast members along.

Speaking of Mike Carey, somehow I missed

Lucifer vol. 11: Evensong

WTF!?! I’ve had the entire run of trades since whenever volume 10 came out, and I never noticed/knew there was a volume 11. 10 had such a great ending, I just assumed it was the actual series ending – and I never once questioned that! That’s good writing.

I have yet to finish this volume, so I’ll probably come back to it later review-wise, but the rest of the series was home run after run, so I doubt this will be any less.

Mighty Avengers 9

This issue had the first missed note so far of the run for me. I really didn’t like the time-travel ending BUT I’ll give Bendis the benefit of the doubt. I’m fairly sure it well wrap up well, it just annoyed me that it ended the way it did for whatever reason.

The Iron Man v. Doom by way of armor stat progress reports was interesting.

Bendis mentioned in an interview somewhere that this arc has a “Doom ending no one has done before”. I have no idea what that might mean, but I am at least curious.

New Warriors 9

Not a whole lot happened here, but there was still a lot of drama in between those non-things happening.

That being said, I’m still enjoying the series. I see it getting a bit of negative commentary in the blogo-whatsit, people calling for it to be canceled over on Tom Brevort’s blog (link in my sidebar), stuff like that.

MAN. People have no patience these days. It’s obvious that the writer is building up a larger arc behind all the minis and one-offs, the least we can do is let that arc wrap up and see if we like how that falls out.

Still, even without that I’m enjoying this title, slow issues and all. What I’m not digging so much is the pencils. I’ll have to check, but it seems like they change every month. Oh, and have I already bitched about Angel looking totally different? Yeah, I have, so I’ll just say it again. There was no need to make her all streamlined and thin-sexy, she was fine the way she was. Butwhateva.

Thunderbolts: International Incident

Another of these strange one-offs that keep coming out. This one doesn’t do much to advance the series. It does continue to unwind the (at least it seems that way to me) the character work Fabian did with Swordsm..ok, pretty much with everyone.

But it is in line with what’s going on in the main book I guess, and it’s not a bad read – it might even have repercussions in the main series somehow. Although I don’t know how, since I’m pretty sure Ellis (??Ithink?? brain fart right now) has his whole run worked out already. Maybe all these one-offs are laying the ground work for whoever follows him?

Bring Fabes back, please. He’s one book short now that C&DP is canned..perrrrfeecttt timing…

The Order 1

Yeah, it’s old, but I was missing this issue from my run. I know, it’s canceled, but it’s a great little book-that-could. I understand that the new Iron Man series will pick up on the plot threads from this run, which makes sense, same writer, and the villain is an Iron Man villain anyway. I’m still not buying an Iron Man book though.

Comicbookresources has some stuff up here. Click away!

I don’t get what’s up with the whole X-Men vs. Hippies thing, but I’m more than willing to give Brubaker the benefit of the doubt. Let it ride!

Mmm, two issue of Legacy by Mike Carey? He’s knocking them out of the park so far, so I’m excited about doubles.

X-Factor hasn’t had a bad issue yet, and this looks like it’s just ratcheting the stress up another notch.

What’s that? A bonus Peter David x-book this month? Quicksilver you say? Sold!! Very curious about where this is going.

Cable? No idea till I see the first issue at least.

X-Force – is it just me or do the covers all look sorta meh? It seems like the style is really restricted by “four clawed/knived people in all black” so we just get a shiny mess. Story-wise, the first issue was good, so I’m hoping for the best.

Young X-Men…So help me, if they make Dani (how did she get re-powered? Is it just a valkyrie thing? ) and Magma bad, and then tell the other x-kids to kill them…I will actually stop buying a title in anger. I’m not sure I’ve ever done that before (good thing I wasn’t a Spider-buyer though!), but man, would that be an idio-ta-fucking plot. Unless it’s the usual brainwashing etc. Personally, I think it’s just a red herring. So, whatever, let’s see where it goes. Not particularly excited about Guggenheim on an x-book though. I have no reason to be so – most of his credits look like TV stuff (?). We’ll see.

Genext: Isn’t this the same premise as X-Men:The End? Oh wait, there won’t be a death toll in this one – if this is Marvel in real time, then everyone is still alive (or in the process of resurrection) AND their kids are around. Should be cool.

Angel & Colossus origin limiteds – Why? I see no reason for these titles. Are we really missing out on important bits of their origins? I never thought so. Skip!

Wolverine limiteds, both First Class titles: Meh. Skip.

Wolverine: Do you think they will really kill Mystique? I don’t.

Origins: Think I’m going to cancel this one and just wait for the trades.

New Exiles: CC has been doing quite well so far (2 issues in at least), so I’m jazzed about this.

Divided We Stand – I look forward to seeing what the various “limbo” characters are up to. Do we really need a section on Dark Beast though? Do we care about him? Although I think I read an interview somewhere that stated his presence would be getting boosted in the coming year.

02/13/08 – lots of Avenging

February 13, 2008

Black Panther 34

I bought this one just for the kick-ass Larocca cover.

But the story is not tooo bad. Some people might have issues with the whole “FF meets Malcolm X AND MLK” thing, but it’s really No Big Deal (TM). Remember when Kirk & Spock met Lincoln & that Vulcan dude? It’s kind of like that in the goofy-does-not-compute-wtf sort of sense. Aaron McGruder did something similar with MLK recently in the Boondocks cartoon. If these crazy skrulls can watch TV and imitate mobsters (and never drop into their skrull-forms), I suppose they could do it to the Civil Rights movement too (just in time for Black History month. Hm….). I wonder what will happen when they find out about Vietnam & Watergate?

The “meat” of the story (a 3 issue) arc was fun in a classic-ff sort of way, in fact the whole “reality hopping frogs” thing has been fun and entertaining, although the aforementioned frogs are one of the worst modern plot devices I’ve seen in a while (Superboy PUNCH!). For a silver/bronze(?) age type story, they work fine though – and I think that the entire frog thing really works best in that context.

Of course, I think it was really poor editorial oversight that allowed him to have a WHOLE PLANET FULL OF SKRULLS out there at the same time that the skrulls happen to be looking for a new world, and thus trying to take over ours in the Secret Invasion bit. But hey, the world was already established as being there in the age-old Thing series, so why not use it?

The super-long range gun was really stupid.

OH OH OH. And Black Panther straight up killed a dude, not even in combat, just to show he was badass. Stupid. And Storm threatened the same. Editorial??? Where art thou? Ok, I know Storm has been badass in the past, with the ripping Marrow’s heart out and all, but this seemed really out of the blue, she just tells this dude he will be fucking executed for leading her into a trap? Maybe I need to re-read the previous two issues, but these two actions seemed horribly out of place. Note that Thing and the Human Torch just stood by while this all happened. W T F.

New Exiles 02

This was a great issue. I’m not sure I could tell you why exactly, but I really liked it. For the first time in a while, I’m excited about this current Claremont experiment.

He has taken a few liberties with the current world – enough to make it quite different from 616 – and enough to make it interesting.

It is interesting that the Gambit of this world, while half black, is pale and blonde. Oh, it does happen I know, but it’s pretty rare. I think he has one blonde-blue sister, and a darker skinned brother and sister. Oh, and why the hell does he have the cajun accent if his mother was Susan Storm and his father was basically the Sub-Mariner (not quite though ; ) )? Mwa HUH?

Mystiq is still being overly mysterious.

Rogue is revealed to have powers similar to 90s 616 Rogue – flight + some kind of extended toughness at least. Although she was easily knocked out by that energy blast, so she’s not that tough.

Sabretooth gets his ass kicked pretty easily.

Good times are had when they meet Wolverine & his lover/wife (a pairing I’m sure my wife will approve of! 🙂 ).

Can’t wait for the next issue, glad it’s on the weird publishing cycle (18 issues a year, right?).

Mighty Avengers 8

The wrap-up of the New team’s involvement in the Venom stuff. Still midway through the Mighty’s side of the story though.

This looks interesting. From the solicits, it seems pretty clear that the finger pointing at Dr. Doom is a set up, and Bendis has stated a few times that they end this one in a way that no one has really done with Dr. Doom before, so call me curious (but don’t call me a drunken donkey lover, that’s just gross).

Dealing with the actual virus itself was way too easy, at least compared with how difficult these things have been in the past. Can they just use that methodology on the *real* Venom now and get rid of his ass? Especially considering that I think the Scorpion-as-Venom thing is dumb. Brock-as-Venom at least had the whole twisted morality thing going for him. That was interesting. Generic evil dude with super-powers? Not interesting.

New Avengers Annual 2 & New Avengers 38

In the annual – the Hood strikes back!

Continuity catches up to our team, as we find them (I think) returning from either the aftermath of the Venom stuff, or the aftermath of WWH, possibly both – I can’t tell the sequence. I *think* WWH might have happened before the Venoms arc, I’ll have to re-read stuff.

So the Hood leads a huge mob of villains after our team of non-cosmically powered, down-to-earth Avengers. And they still win, via a magical deus ex machinahulkasmash moment. Which sort of makes sense given current continuity. Also Dr. Strange is a total badass. Thor-class power, so shutting down a punch of stupid super villains shouldn’t be an issue

All in all, good action issue, I liked it. It wrapped up some plot points, but still left the Hood out there dangling – although bereft of his army, for good this time I think.

In 38 we have a focus on Luke & Jessica, which is a sad (emotionally, not quality) follow-up to the skrull findings, WWH (?) and the Hood’s attack. The results being a somewhat contrived, and yet completely understandable, probable break-up between my favorite comic couple. You have to sympathize with Jessica wanting to protect the baby…but turning herself in and registering? That just didn’t sit well with my stomach. It fits her spazzy character though, so no complaints.

WTF is up with all the baby single panels though? They’ve done this a few times, only when the question of Skrulls comes up (I think). My thought is that they really want us to think the baby is a Skrull. But it’s so obvious, I’m going to hope it’s a red herring. I’d hate to see the only bi-racial baby in Marvel-dom (are there more?) got skrull-conned out.

X-Force 01

Ahh, the much heralded “new”, hardcore, ass-kicking (read: killing) X-Force.

What are we going to do with you?

Well, it was a good read.

I don’t at all buy Proudstar’s crazy remorse over Caliban though. Sure, they were pals in the old X-Force – but were they that tight?? And what about Hebzibah – she was injured, weren’t she and he just about an item? Shouldn’t he be checking on her? She is mentioned in the intro though, so I assume that will be picked up later.

So yeah, the issue itself. It was decent. You’ve got the return of a semi-classic (90s) villain, some crazy [racists] religious nuts, and a few pages of blood-tastic killing. It seems like Wolverine-overkill-overdrive to me, but the writing is solid.

I’ll give it through the first arc at least.