Yes indeed!
I think it was only my 3rd guess, but I’ve been watching/playing for quite a while now and usually can’t even get a decent idea to make a guess.

So, if anyone happens to be following the link in here to say hi &and see what’s about – welcome!

If it wasn’t obvious, this is where I house the portion of my blogging activity devoted to comics (I have a general blog to devoted to anything and everything here and linked in the sidebar).  I wound up posting stuff about comics regularly enough (usually every other week when I pick up my books, but occasionally in between) that I thought comic readers might enjoy my collected ramblings.  I know I enjoy reading other’s thoughts on comics in specific and general – otherwise why would I read the articles at CBR (like Permanent Damage!), Newsarama, etc.

From my web digging, it seemed like there weren’t as many comic-focused (and regularly updated!) blogs as I would like, so I thought maybe mine could fill some useful net space.  I think there may have also been another CBR article that mentioned a dearth of comic blogs.  So, here I am, and I hope you enjoy.

I may get a bit heated at times, and I do definitely use profanity (Might as well use these internet freedoms while we still have them! 😉 ), but I try to respect everyone’s opinion, so feel free to post yours.

Thanks Steven!  And thanks for being the only writer to ever make X-Man interesting to me.

New Exiles 05

Don’t be tricked by the Alan Davis cover!

Oh my god! The pencils…stabbing my eyes out…alternating between anime knock off and horrible Davis knock off. I’m sorry Roberto Castro, but if you can’t even stick to one style to knock-off, please don’t try. You’re going to give me an ugliness seizure. I really hate singling out individuals and calling their work bad – but this stuff is painfully irregular. The script isn’t particularly strong, but it would be fine with serviceable pencils. Since it doesn’t have those, the book sucks.

Death of the New Gods 08

Talk about talking heads! But that’s ok I guess. What I think was really shoddy was how the “character” of Orion changed so much btw. this and Countdown 2…he can’t talk at all then suddenly he can yell prophecies.

Superman-as-Jimmy-Olsen was kind of amusing, but overall I think this issue just fell really flat. Having the finale blunted/broken by Countdown 2 didn’t help things much either.  The whole continuity jar-up is really annoying (Orion DID die…and Darkseid knew the Source had resurrected his “spirit” already…except that was the real Orion and not just a spirit. DUM dah DUM DUM D-U-M-B) and seems like it could have been fixed too, but whatever.

Justice League of America 20

Wow, if this wasn’t a phone-it-in-issue I don’t know what was. Maybe I’m just not a fan of done-in-ones because the seem so out of pointless – as this issue certainly does – or maybe this one in particular just sucks. The pencils are pretty middling too (not as bad as New Exiles above), which doesn’t help. Not to say that they are bad, but nothing “pops”. All the red coloring in the first section is really boring too – even though it’s a fire scene it doesn’t have to be so damn RED! (Leave that up to the new Hulk please). The panel of the side of Wonder Woman’s face on page 12 or so, bottom right is fucking fearsome.

Here, I’ll save you from buying/browsing this painful issue. See obvious pic at right. What the hell is that? She looks like a devil mannequin from the 14th layer of hell. You’ll know it when you see it. Scary isn’t it?

Hulk 03

This one went too fast. I don’t think I’ve ever been a fan of Loeb’s writing, but I didn’t find this one particularly bad, just strangely paced – it felt like it only took me 2 minutes to read it.

Secrets are closer to being revealed, but nothing yet.

Oh, well Banner is back to dumbass Hulk again. Yeah, that’s awesome. After Pak spends so long building us a wonderful new Hulk incarnation, we’re back to dumbass Hulk. I’m sure there’s a good reason for it, but there’s a reason I’ll buy Pak’s Hulk hardcovers and won’t touch this (or anything Loeb writes really) with a 14.3 foot pole.

Uncanny X-Men 497

This arc’s not bad, it’s a decent diversion. Nothing to get excited about though, at least not yet. I’m not digging the plastic-y looking pencils. Hmm…maybe it’s the coloring I don’t like? I’m not “artsy” enough to be able to tell – basically, everything just looks like it’s coated in a layer of plastic and slightly muddied up.

Young Avengers Presents 04

Some cute character work here, but it’s been so long since I saw them in action I don’t remember Vision’s story. Going to have to re-read some trades I guess. Pencils weren’t bad here :).

Thor 08

The whole package here – great writing, a bit of violence, and beautiful pencils and colors. I’m really liking the JMS take on Thor, just like I liked his take on Spider-Man (it was the only one I’ve really liked since I started reading comics and now, unfortunately, it’s all wiped away. So it goes.).

Ultimate Fantastic Four 53

I’m loving Tyler Kirkham’s pencils and the green hair. Carey’s plot is pretty decent, almost old school, ff-stylings. I’m wondering if he wiped the other heroes memories…because they were killing a loootttt of people.

Mighty Avengers 12

Since Avengers members only appear in scattered panels, I’d call this more of a Marvel Spotlight on Nick Fury/Secret War, and not “Avengers” so much, but hey it’s all Bendis so it’s a mesh anyway right?

We find out how Fury found out, and get a little tie-back into that Secret War thing from a few years back, not to mention get left with what is supposed to (I think) be a nasty cliffhanger – but I suspect it’s mostly red herrings. No way Wolverine & Spider-Man are Skrulls, sorry, that would be too stupid and really, really not make any sense. Lockjaw I buy…hmm…ok wait, flip it. Maybe the faces that are circled are the ones he knows are not Skrulls. That I buy. Still, Lockjaw. I miss that guy (remember, he’s actually an Inhuman, not a dog!).

I’m not buying Spider-Woman as cool or interesting though, sorry Bendis. Maybe with a new name or something that makes sense for her powers. The costume + flying & energy blasts + name is just too much cognitive dissonance for me I guess.

Seriously, I don’t get it.

How does this lead into Final Crisis?

Darkseid, all the good New Gods (except Forager evidently) & all the bad New Gods are dead.

Yet Darkseid & the bad New Gods are supposed to be the villains in Final Crisis.  Ok, sure, so we know we’re dealing with a very quick turn around resurrection ahead of time…but I hope there’s a decent explanation for it.  Because he appears pretty decisively dead.

WTF is up with Kyle Raynor joining some reality guardians thing – he’s still living over in Green Lantern Corps – and Donna just started back up again in the new Titans series didn’t she?  So now they are all pulling double duty?  Atom renounced his world…but shouldn’t those two have to renounce their adoptive world too??  NO MAKEY SENSE!

Whatever, the art was pretty bad too.  The whole thing just felt like a nasty rush.  It was probably the worst issue of the entire series (that I can recall at least, I’m sure I’ve forgotten some stinkers).