I don’t get Countdown #1

April 23, 2008

Seriously, I don’t get it.

How does this lead into Final Crisis?

Darkseid, all the good New Gods (except Forager evidently) & all the bad New Gods are dead.

Yet Darkseid & the bad New Gods are supposed to be the villains in Final Crisis.  Ok, sure, so we know we’re dealing with a very quick turn around resurrection ahead of time…but I hope there’s a decent explanation for it.  Because he appears pretty decisively dead.

WTF is up with Kyle Raynor joining some reality guardians thing – he’s still living over in Green Lantern Corps – and Donna just started back up again in the new Titans series didn’t she?  So now they are all pulling double duty?  Atom renounced his world…but shouldn’t those two have to renounce their adoptive world too??  NO MAKEY SENSE!

Whatever, the art was pretty bad too.  The whole thing just felt like a nasty rush.  It was probably the worst issue of the entire series (that I can recall at least, I’m sure I’ve forgotten some stinkers).


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