Secret Invasion 2 – It was ok, but nothing stellar.  It seemed like there was a lot more that could have been done here.  I’m thinking Mockingbird is a Skrull, just because the way Hawk accepted her back was way too easy/cheesy.  I’ve heard the rumors of the death toll starting out next issue with Young Avengers & Initiative folks (here’s hoping Slapstick dies!), which I find sad and annoying.  Of course they’re going to start chopping with the new “properties” that haven’t yet had the chance to grow.  I love both of those books, so I’ll be sad if any of them go.  How about killing some old characters with no real use/interest?  Wasp?  Check.  Hank Pym?  Check.  Those two strike me as great offing candidates that no one would really care about, and that would have an impact at the same time (if that makes sense).

recent Mighty Avengers & New Avengers – I still hate all the ugly Skrull covers.  They tell you NOTHING about what’s going on inside, so I just get them all confused when I look at them.  I think Mighty is documenting Fury’s stuff and New covering the Skrull angle.  All in all, they are interesting and decently written, but seem like kind of a waste of the main titles.  The topics contained inside would be perfect for some kind of ancilliary title (Secret Invasion: The Build-Up or something).   But, I guess all the main characters are tied up in SI, so it makes a good kind of sense too.  So, worth buying but don’t expect Avengers books.

Young X-Men – Seven levels of stupid, still.  I’m sure this is all going somewhere that can’t be as dumb as where it looks like it’s going.  Really.  There’s nothing redeeming to this yet.  So why do I buy it?  *sigh* I know, I’m an X-addict.  I’m waiting for it not to suck, and any screen-time for the old New Mutants is good…right?

X-Force – Ok, every anti-mutant bad guy ever is back and techno-whatsit-agized.  Ok.  You know…claws and knives aren’t going to do you much good against that kind of bad guy.  I wonder how they’re going to wrap this arc up.  And Warpath being all bent up about Caliban still doesn’t ring true.  Unless they were Secret Fuck Buddies.  But I doubt that.

The Order – Wrapped up quite well and I’m sad to see it go.  The villain has carried over into Invincible Iron Man (also by Fraction), which was kind of a decent first issue (but I still don’t care about Iron Man as a solo character), but alas no word on the order-ites yet.  I suspect some may die in Secret Invasion for “dramatic effect”, but who knows.

Where is the next Fables trade?  Man, I’m tired of waiting for that one.  This is the one book I actually wait for the trades on.

Looking forward to the new Guardians of the Galaxy next week as well.  Coming off the two excellent Annihilation series’ (so glad they didn’t call it Annihilation: Guardians of the Galaxy!) and bearing the same excellent writers, it has the potential to be the best regular book Marvel puts out this year.