Amazing Spider-Man 569

August 31, 2008

…so he knows that other people don’t know, who should know about his secret identity? Humm, k. Interesting.  Seems overly complicated though.


Runaways v3

August 27, 2008

…is pretty lame so far.

The art is anime-ish and annoying – everyone looked like they were yelling all the time (like anime).

The writing…wow, I don’t think I’ve ever felt that characterizations were so incredibly, noticeably, OFF before after any writer switch.  At  least that I can remember.

I mean, the bones of the plot are decent..but man…I have low expectations so far.  I mean, it’s not as bad as Young X-Men 1 (the plot here at least has a “point”), but it’s pretty sub-par.

Amazing Spider-Man 567

August 13, 2008

So she’s 12?????

The decoy thing was kinda stupid.  He could have just said she thought he was Spider-Man on her own reasoning, end of story.