(red) Hulk #5

August 6, 2008


I’m not usually one to get all fanboyish about this superhero vs. that one, but this issue was really, really stupid.

Wait, I meant typical Loeb.  Sorry.  Same thing.  (Since when does magic give a fuck about gravity?????)

We’re playing an overly exaggerated version of “this guy is so badass he could beat up Superman …so how is our hero <insert lame ass hero here> going to beat him??”.

Not to mention that we still don’t really have a clear transition from WWH to this drivel…I thought all the gamma was gone out of Bruce, but now it’s back?  And it brought enough friendly gamma to super charge ?Doc Samson? AND Rick whatshisname?  Or is Rick running on Abomination’s powers…whatever..either way I’m less than impressed.

To go from Planet Hulk->World War Hulk->This = comical.


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