X-Force 08

October 31, 2008

I really like that we finally have Arcangel/Death back.  It was almost worth having every obnoxious villain that the X-Men actually managed to “finally” get rid of ressurected.  Almost.

Maybe the writers & editors finally realized what I’ve been saying for many years now – what the hell is a guy with feathery wings going to do in a fight with people with claws and lazers?  REALLY?  The healing factor made him decent, because then no matter how bad he got busted up he could regrow – hell I even liked the SoulSword because it completed the “angel/arc” vibe.  Yes, you heard me, I was cool with Angel + Soulsword.

The Hulk-ing out back and forth from pretty boy to freak might be interesting too.

Demon bear slashed car in half from the bottom?  WTF?  I need to re-read that.


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