Incredible Hercules 123

November 28, 2008

was very good.

But I’m really bummed about the little gorgon chick- she would have made a great supporting cast member.  Hopefully we a get a quick comic turnaround ressurection.  Plus, Cho didn’t even seem bummed or angry about what happened – that was the suckiest part about the ish.

[edit: She shouldn’t be too dead right?  They spent a few pages just explaining how the heck a gorgon was with the Amazons…would be a waste of paper if she is.  Then again, this *is* Marvel ;( ]


Squadron Supreme 5

November 20, 2008

was a waste of time.  Or maybe the art is so ugly and muddled it makes the story seem nauseating as well.

Thunderbolts 126

November 20, 2008

I think I’m done with this title now.  My pullbox will now be 2 books lighter!  Good and bad I suppose, I guess it balances the “dark avengers” series I’ll have to try out…


Short version: The series used to be full of characters I could identify with, and had redemption as its central theme – and characters that actually made progress in that arena.  Now it’s just another gritty “post hero” book.  It feels like it belongs at Wildstorm or Image or something.  It’s well written, but it’s crap as far as what I buy Thunderbolts for.  So I guess it’s not worth buying.

I like redemption stories! I have less than zero desire to see “bad guys be bad” and all this other modern BS.

This is just depressing bullshit.  Which I know a lot of folks like, but…MEH.

If you like ensemble casts and a rich relationship with continuity, check out Avengers: The Initiative.  So far it’s been everything the current Thunderbolts run has not.  It even has a few redemption arcs going.

Note:  Ideally, if Marvel can’t get Busiek or Nicieza back…Dan Slott was possibly born to write the 00s iteration of Thunderbolts.