Secret Invasion 8

December 3, 2008

was uh…ok.   It was ok.

The Dark Reign thing looks moderately interesting, and like yet another reflection on the Bush administration.

Man, I can’t wait until we get to the Obama phase of Marvel comics!

…I don’t get why Namor & Frost were in that gathering.  It’s the anti-Illuminati, I get it.  But,  you know, her reformation thing is FUCKING DONE WITH.  DO NOT UNDO IT!  I’m so tired of un-reformations; they are even more tedious than tedious villains in general.  Hopefully its just some kind of pragmatic angle in wanting an in in the mutant community or something.  We shall see.  I suppose this makes that rumor I heard about the next mutant crossover affecting the MU as a whole more than normal or something.

And all we lost was Stark’s reputation and one tiny avenger.  And we got Mockingbird back…????  Seriously, Mockingbird?  Wasn’t she dead like, a million years before the Skrull infiltration started?  Plus, Hawkeye + Moonstone = one of the best Marvel couples ever written (alongside Jessica + Luke & Frost + Cyclops).  Sigh. Whatever, chick with batons.  Mmm kay done.  Dead again pls k thx bye.

I suppose she will be the new Ronin?  Would make more sense that Hawk at least, now he can be “himself” again I suppose.


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