The cover to New Avengers 50

December 9, 2008

is interesting:

Really curious as to if this is a “metaphorical” Wolverine vs. Wolverine, Spidey vs. Spidey & Clint Barton vs. Clint Barton.

I’m really hoping it’s not (although comicgod knows we don’t need ANOTHER Wolverine!) and it’s something more interesting.  My guess is it’s just a question of their loyalties.  Where oh where will they go.  And I suppose Ronin could be Mockingbird.  I would actually prefer this as the Mockingbird name & getup is kinda dumb, and very cheesecake (see cover preview here for extra Mockingass-cheesebird-cake).

Oh, and I just noticed Ms. Marvel on the “new” side of things.  Huh. That doesn’t really make any sense at all thus far given her characterization and role.  But, maybe with Shield/Stark gone that’s where she’s left off?

HHMMMM.  This really has me thinking that the Dark Avengers could be an Osborn run thing.  Hence the “black costume” Spidey could be some form of Venom and maybe Hawkeye is reprising his role from the Thunderbolts in trying to keep them “straight”, while moonlighting with the New team…

You know, even if I don’t like the way Bendis executes things sometimes, I find most of his ideas to be great.  This is definitely not your older cousin’s Avengers.

One Response to “The cover to New Avengers 50”

  1. Andy Says:


    Venom -> “black” Spider-Man
    Daken -> “dark” Wolverine (claws are dead giveaway)
    Moonstone -> “dark” Captain Marvel (man has her character taken a nosedive in the last few years!)
    Bullseye -> “dark” Hawkeye – This could be really interesting as Hawk vs. Hawk …is the good Hawkeye as badass as Bullseye and we just don’t know it because he doesn’t kill? Possibly…
    Captain Marvel -> himself
    Ares -> himself – he goes where the money is I guess.
    Osborn -> Iron Patriot? It seems likely that he’d want to completely mock the Iron Man legacy in this way, but also likely that he wouldn’t want to be directly in the field. The costume has an Ultron-type helmet, so it could be some kind of robot. I haven’t seen any clear clues on this one yet.

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