Wolverine 70 was really depressing

January 2, 2009

duh, right? (Neverminding that what happened prrrooobbbbably couldn’t actually happen, given standard comic logic and past situations involving characters dealing with someone messing with their mind, as well as the fact that the other X-Men should be able to take down Wolverine – or at least knock him a distance away from the fray.)

What’s the reason for reading this though?  I guess it’s just like any other Marvel What If? story – everything ends horribly if the characters do anything that veers from the as-written path.  Although Millar said this somehow IS continuity I think, and ties in with his FF & Marvel 1986 runs (which would mean that reality warping/transporting guy)…so we’ll see.

Not worth buying imho, although the art is  good.  If you like seeing a bunch of dead villains & X-men.  The last page has “wacky Millar gimmick” written all over it.

I guess I’m curious how it ends…but mainly because I just want know the point of all this is.  Why bother telling such a long story with no potential pay-off (other than him possibly killing a bunch of bad guys, which may or may not happen, and really doesn’t matter in much sense because all the good guys are already dead).


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