Thunderbolts 128 and Dark Avengers 1

January 23, 2009

on the other hand, were crap.

Don’t get me wrong, they were well written.  I just have zero interest in reading one book about Osborn, let alone 2 (and god knows how many crossovers).  If you thought Tony Stark was annoying when he popped up “being right” in all the other titles…just imagine Osborn popping up being “so wrong its right” or whatever the tagline will be.

The Dark Reign thing – I think it’s interesting – it’s  great plot movement that will carry the Marvel universe to interesting places in the next few years, and I applaud them having the balls to go through with it.

That being said, I won’t be buying these books because I.Don’t.Care.About.Osborn.  He’s fine in the background being evil and controlling shit – I’m sure the other titles I get will be much less annoying if I’m not ODing on him already from Dark & TB.

I’m sure these books will be the shit for some, and I hope Dark Avengers will do well, at least.  Thunderbolts should rot in hell for dragging such a good title into the mud… Couldn’t they have called it “Black Ops Evil Sinister Sixvengers” or something?


Oh well, someday Songbird, Mach 5 and the whole crew – hopefully Ronin/Hawkeye and even Moonstone – I’d love to see that triangle….will be back.  I’ll start buying again, and won’t miss those in between issues in my collection.  I certainly don’t miss the fightclubbolts issues.

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