was mean spirited crap.

Certainly not worth buying.  Well, for the story anyway.  The art was gorgeous though.

I’m guessing these little “tales” are just meant to show us how badass the big bads are by showing all the alternate realities where the X-Men fail (it was hard to make sense of how the Cyclops story isn’t set in 616 though since it so heavily beats on a specific thing that actually happened there).  But, yeah meh.  We’re smart readers, they’re badass, we get it.

Not worth buying IMHO.

I just can’t do the million ltd series anymore…I pretty much just get the one “event” book of the year and that’s it.  This was well written I guess but…what’s the point?  We already know what parallel worlds are like, invasions from them are nothing new.  This was just a build up to make the villain look like a badass, and show him somehow killing “our” X-Men and…I guess make fun of the whole “616” universe thing by saying they all died there so the Marvel U must NOT be 616 anymore or whatever.

I know the editors (Brevort at least) hate the 616 thing…which I think is very silly.  If you have parallel worlds, you have to identify them somehow.  “Ours” is 616…wtf is the big deal with that?

Astonishing X-Men 27

October 15, 2008

was pretty good, although I found Bianchi’s pencils less impressive than before – figures seemed more..gaunt/gutteral, something like that I guess.

Except for the bit about drilling in how common ghost boxes are, the story was pretty good. I love the “Chinese X-Men” thing, and find it pretty sad/funny in the sense that they all lost their powers while pretty much none of the X-Men did.  That’s editorial favor for you!

I also like where Ellis is going with the 3 types of mutant thing..I much prefer this to the “manufactured mutant” line.