Wolverine 65 – “Get Mystique” finale..wow who didn’t see that lame ass/cop-out ending coming from ohh…since the arc was announced?


Ultimate X-Men 93 – Umm. OK. Sure, whatever. Things are reset almost to ground zero – the professor’s legs are broken again?? What the fucking hell? Did Kirkman un-break them then re-break just to be like the classic run? All that changed was that we’ve got a weird guy with 2 heads hanging out with the main “team” now. Whatever.

Exiles 6 – God, this penciller is bugging the hell out of me. Please let this be his last issue. Plot was kinda lax/fast moving and it looks like it just served to introduce another very generic badass that The InvisEvil Woman will add to her crew. Chris, I know you can do better. The bits with “Kat” are about the only interesting ones.

Captain Britain & MI13 1 – Great first issue, will definitely be getting this one.

Secret Invasion: FF – I’ve been wondering where the heck Lyja went for quite a while, so seeing her is at least good news. But I’m not buying this evil Lyja bit, hopefully that wraps/un-wraps itself. Was I the only person that liked her?

X-Men Legacy 211 – For the first time in years, I was forced to actually look up an obscure x-character, and still didn’t know who he was until I saw the picture (Hazard). Good show Mike, good show. The plot seems to be picking up – not that I was complaining before – but Mike’s actually managed to make Prof. X interesting to me again. Looking forward to the Juggernaut appearance and hoping it’s keeping with his recent Austen->Claremont characterization.

Clandestine 4 – I may pick this up in the trades if it finishes strongly – there are a lot of disparate plot elements and it’s going to depend on how they come together. Alan Davis’ pencils are gorgeous of course.