What DC comic did I buy you ask?

Well, if the cover right here wasn’t a giveaway – I know you looked at it before you read this text – Green Lantern 25. The finale of the Sinestro War – part 11 of ELEVEN! PS: Eleven is a much cooler issue count for a crossover than 12. Although there were technically several 1 shots too…soooo it’s probably closer to 16?

I’ve been following this somewhat low-key (only 2 titles involved) crossover since the beginning, and have really enjoyed it. I should add that I’m not a Green Lantern fan in the least. Especially Hal Jordan, he bores the hell out of me. Kyle Raynor I like but Hal, Hal really should have stayed dead.

So, anyway, yeah, Hal notwithstanding this was a great ride. The whole multi-colored rainbow Jedi think really hits the right buttons with me for some reason – I’m looking forward to the other 5 color corps (well 6 if you count the last page spoiler ) & ensuing “event” in 2009. It’s funny that they’ve got it planned out this far in advance – I guess 2008 is the year of the Infinite Crisis stuff, so it has to wait until after. Which is fine, 1 DC book every other year is enough for me ;).

Hannibal over at The Buy Pile didn’t much like this issue. I have to agree with most of his points – the inclusion of the JLA/etc. was pointless (Superman was there fighting Superboy and we didn’t see any of it – then why bother?), and some of the fights felt deflated (why did it take two guys to punch out powerless Sinestro – that should have been Hal’s thing right?), but disagree with his overall judgment. Possibly because I’m not an old school GL fan, so it’s hard to insult my memory of him or whatnot. I’m also not bothered at all by the inclusion of other-colored rings, in fact I think it makes the mythos that much more interesting as opposed to bland. Different strokes, etc. And space zombies – really what’s so bad about a little bit of that? Everyone has to fight zombies eventually, it’s an unspoken rule. Plus, it will probably be a fun way to get some usage out of dead characters (assuming there is anyone not a New God left dead in the DCU in 2009).

New Avengers 37

The almost end of the Hood arc thing. Which will be re-ended in the coming annual I guess. Which is cool with me, because I’m really enjoying everything Bendis is doing with the Avengers. For fucks sake, I’m actually BUYING 3 Avengers title’s these days (although one is Slott, so credit where credit is due there)!

This issue in particular I think could have been stronger – they made it like the villains were so many and so bad ass and the heroes were so out-classed, but then it turned out there were only like 6 or 8 villains, and the heroes were pretty evenly matched. Especially considering they have Doctor Strange, who is a team level threat on his own. So yeah, compared to the rest of the series, this one was pretty weak. Which I guess is interesting, because this is one of the “action explosion” issues – the mass conflict that used to fill every or every other issue in an Avengers book only happens every 5 or 10 issues now. And somehow I’m more interested in the non-action issues. WTF happened to me? Age I guess.

Although I do love me some good action. Looking forward to the Skrull stuff.

Uncanny X-Men 493 & X-Factor 26

Note that I don’t think the cover on the right matches mine. Mine is actually cooler, but I couldn’t find a matching image online.

So yeah, more Messiah CompleX, and more goodness continues.

EXCEPT that there is no reason why Cyclops would assume Cable means something bad for the baby and send a bunch of spikey-clawey X-Men to kill him. I would say that again for emphasis, except that I used boldface already, and I think that is pretty much what bold is for, right? That is the only real complaint I have so far about the Xover.

Note that this “X-Force” seems like a flashback to the 90s in the most painful possible kind of way – it feels like a Liefeld wet dream so over the top that even the crazy Marvel execs of the day would never have approved it. I’m sure he asked. That being said, it is SO over the top that I have a feeling they’ll somehow do it “right” and the title will be worth reading. That and the roster will probably change fairly quickly.

I’m still waiting to see what is going on in the other alternate future timeline..we’ve seen 2 or 3 scenes in one of them so far, but nothing yet of the other. Halfway to the finish line…

Die by the Sword 5

I left “X-Men” out of the title because it really shouldn’t be there. Sure, this is a book in the “X-Universe” with at least one character who was an “X-Man”, but it is in no way a direct “X-Men” title. Oh, and I forgot to pick up #4. I did read it though, so I’m caught up, as if that helps.

I’m going to say something I don’t think I’ve ever said before – CC needed some serious editing on this title. As in an editor going over stuff and saying “What?” “Really?” “In what world does that make sense?” and “Oh, we are doing alternate world stuff so, ok I guess that’s the reason for letting all this half-assedness fly”. At least then there’d be some kind of oversight stamp on it. I’m just kidding, I’m sure the stamp is already there.

Usually I want CC to just run wild with his ideas…and I have a feeling I’ll be happier in about 2 years when I can look back at his whole Excalibur + Exiles run and make sense of it all, but right now it sort of looks like a jumbled mess with some very obvious plot driven points that don’t make much sense character wise – freeing Albion????? Already??? To help you??? Really??? Oh, wait, he is helping you and is a Nice Guy (TM) now??? Hopefully the question marks I used sufficiently convey my emotions. Oh, and WTF was the deal with Longshot’s blade hurting Merlin? Did that even matter or was it just a very stupid red herring? How is Captain Britain THAT strong to go up against the Fury like that? His powers are just the standard SS + Invul + fly. Hell, Proudstar is probably stronger…anyway, yeah, I’m sorry Chris but this whole mini was really sloppy writing. I see what you were trying to do (and did), I really think I do, but wow, execution did not go over so well. Here’s hoping he gets back on the horse for New Exiles.

New Warriors 05

Couldn’t find a cover for this one. Works though, I don’t have much to say. It’s still moving along quite well and I’m enjoying the ride but. BUT, the whole talking Thrasher back into the game bit was stupid. So is the guy from Kentucky. And that’s Stacey X? When did she stop acting slutty? Consistency is a good thing, even if it’s annoying characterization.

Someone remind me of who the other people are again because Angel, Beak, Stacey & Jubes – have we seen them somewhere? OH, and at least someone sort of acknowledged that Angel is radically different looking now. WTF? Loses her mutation and 5 sizes?

Avengers: Initiative Annual 1

Good stuff in here. Some origin work – Gauntlet, Armory, MVP, Hardball. And a random Secret Invasion crossover – which snuck its way onto the cover labeling.

Other random stuff:

Countdown Arena 2: Stupid
Ray Palmer + Red Son: Slightly less stupid. slightly
Ghost Rider 18: Unsurprising revelation, but still interesting
FF 552: And here I thought they were actually going to do something surprising. Nope.
Punisher War Journal 18: Are they reading the same continuity bible I am? I thought son of Kraven was a somewhat decent guy (see recent uh…that mini series with Deathlock from a year or two ago, and some other scattered solo appearances). That being said, pretty funny.
Nova 9: Great read, tempted to get these in trades. Gotta love uber-psychic russian dogs. Next issue looks promising as well.