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I don’t get what’s up with the whole X-Men vs. Hippies thing, but I’m more than willing to give Brubaker the benefit of the doubt. Let it ride!

Mmm, two issue of Legacy by Mike Carey? He’s knocking them out of the park so far, so I’m excited about doubles.

X-Factor hasn’t had a bad issue yet, and this looks like it’s just ratcheting the stress up another notch.

What’s that? A bonus Peter David x-book this month? Quicksilver you say? Sold!! Very curious about where this is going.

Cable? No idea till I see the first issue at least.

X-Force – is it just me or do the covers all look sorta meh? It seems like the style is really restricted by “four clawed/knived people in all black” so we just get a shiny mess. Story-wise, the first issue was good, so I’m hoping for the best.

Young X-Men…So help me, if they make Dani (how did she get re-powered? Is it just a valkyrie thing? ) and Magma bad, and then tell the other x-kids to kill them…I will actually stop buying a title in anger. I’m not sure I’ve ever done that before (good thing I wasn’t a Spider-buyer though!), but man, would that be an idio-ta-fucking plot. Unless it’s the usual brainwashing etc. Personally, I think it’s just a red herring. So, whatever, let’s see where it goes. Not particularly excited about Guggenheim on an x-book though. I have no reason to be so – most of his credits look like TV stuff (?). We’ll see.

Genext: Isn’t this the same premise as X-Men:The End? Oh wait, there won’t be a death toll in this one – if this is Marvel in real time, then everyone is still alive (or in the process of resurrection) AND their kids are around. Should be cool.

Angel & Colossus origin limiteds – Why? I see no reason for these titles. Are we really missing out on important bits of their origins? I never thought so. Skip!

Wolverine limiteds, both First Class titles: Meh. Skip.

Wolverine: Do you think they will really kill Mystique? I don’t.

Origins: Think I’m going to cancel this one and just wait for the trades.

New Exiles: CC has been doing quite well so far (2 issues in at least), so I’m jazzed about this.

Divided We Stand – I look forward to seeing what the various “limbo” characters are up to. Do we really need a section on Dark Beast though? Do we care about him? Although I think I read an interview somewhere that stated his presence would be getting boosted in the coming year.