Yes indeed!
I think it was only my 3rd guess, but I’ve been watching/playing for quite a while now and usually can’t even get a decent idea to make a guess.

So, if anyone happens to be following the link in here to say hi &and see what’s about – welcome!

If it wasn’t obvious, this is where I house the portion of my blogging activity devoted to comics (I have a general blog to devoted to anything and everything here and linked in the sidebar).  I wound up posting stuff about comics regularly enough (usually every other week when I pick up my books, but occasionally in between) that I thought comic readers might enjoy my collected ramblings.  I know I enjoy reading other’s thoughts on comics in specific and general – otherwise why would I read the articles at CBR (like Permanent Damage!), Newsarama, etc.

From my web digging, it seemed like there weren’t as many comic-focused (and regularly updated!) blogs as I would like, so I thought maybe mine could fill some useful net space.  I think there may have also been another CBR article that mentioned a dearth of comic blogs.  So, here I am, and I hope you enjoy.

I may get a bit heated at times, and I do definitely use profanity (Might as well use these internet freedoms while we still have them! 😉 ), but I try to respect everyone’s opinion, so feel free to post yours.

Thanks Steven!  And thanks for being the only writer to ever make X-Man interesting to me.