Amazing Spider-Man 570

September 5, 2008

was really good.

I don’t know why, but I really enjoyed.  I’m sure of some of it had to do with Dan Slott, who is an awesome writer. I have a feeling he’ll be Marvel’s next “Bendis” in the sense of directing line wide crossovers, coordinating continuity and the like.

So help me but I like the Anti-Venom angle too.  I mean, multiplying symbiots is still cheezy as hell…but the interaction with that guys weird ass healing powers…and now this…it has potential.  I thought Eddie Brock really worked as the twisted anti-hero and the slavering, crazy Venom of the last few years has been annoying as hell, so good riddance (hopefully!).

Amazing Spider-Man 569

August 31, 2008

…so he knows that other people don’t know, who should know about his secret identity? Humm, k. Interesting.  Seems overly complicated though.

Amazing Spider-Man 567

August 13, 2008

So she’s 12?????

The decoy thing was kinda stupid.  He could have just said she thought he was Spider-Man on her own reasoning, end of story.