Astonishing X-Men 24

that is. What should have been the final issue of Whedon’s run (and this volume apparently) has been stretched out into Giant Size #1 due out in what, June? Meh. Since they are restarting the numbering, they should have just called the giant size #25 and been done with it. Meh.

As for the comic itself, it was pretty good – it’s hard to even care with the time intervals between issues though. Planetary it is not. Plus, we’ve already moved way, way past this in the current X-books, so whatever happens in the eventual finale can’t “matter” for anything, at least continuity wise. I’m sure it will still be a good read though, and flow quite well in a shiny hardcover trade. But yes, I’m a continuity whore. Sorry. Not the kind that can’t overlook little things, but the kind that at least sees stuff like this and wonders what the point is. It’s supposed to be the flagship X-title, and to have a flagship title that has no bearing on any other series well, that’s not really a flagship is it. The Avengers books are doing this right, with effects that trail over into the other related titles, so I know it can be done.

Uncanny X-Men 495

Cyclops has a secret plan!

Cyclops & Emma make out in the Savage Land!

Emma shows lots of skin!

Wolverine looks like a fireman!

Cyclops grows a goatee!

Angel gets hippy hair!

The art (by Mike Choi, who I don’t think I’ve heard of before) in this issue was weird. Not bad, but weird somehow.

There was nothing at all about Bishop, which really digs at me. Hopefully it will be covered elsewhere – I know he’s in Cable #2, but I mean hopefully someone in one of the main x-books actually VERBALIZES and talks about WTF just happened with him.

Obviously a downtime issue, not much going on, but it was a good change from the frantic pace of the last 13 weeks I guess. I’m not impressed, nor was I distressed, so we’ll call it a pass.

Avengers Initiative 9

Yes, I know this came out last week, but I didn’t pick up all my books, so I’m just now getting to it. Wow, horrors man, those kids and crew got f$%ed. In the face. I hope things aren’t as they seem, and people survived (which they usually do in comics). Besides, the one person who actually deserves to die (Gyrich) is still going…hopefully he at least gets shot in the last half of the arc.

I love that the Freedom Ring has turned up on panel again, and am curious where that will go.

Not much else I would say without spoilers. For some reason I don’t feel like spoiling anything.

What else?

The Twelve 2

I enjoyed this issue more than the previous one, which was pretty good in its own right. If things keep up at this pace, I’m definitely picking up the inevitable hardcover. I’m very curious if JMS will leave any of these new toys floating around at the end of the series, or if they’ll all return to the land of the dodo. Rockman is the most interesting, and I’m not sure why. Perhaps because I want him to be sane?

Ms. Marvel 24

I have no idea what they’re doing with the last panel “dramatic dangler” in this issue. It strikes me as silly and annoying and obviously false. Especially as it would invalidate the entire previous 23 issues (in the sense that you weren’t actually getting what you were paying for…).

So…yeah, whatever.