OK, so I saw a blurb somewhere from one of the conventions that the Death of the New Gods did happen and “all will be revealed” about this giant new retcon. I’m curious at least, but not much more than that.

Rann-Thanagar Holy War 2 – This was surprisingly good – much like …Journey into Space? Whatever that last mini with Captain Comic & The Weird was, which it appears to be following. I enjoy both of those characters, as well as Animal Man.

Young X-Men 3 – Please make it stop. This is so obviously setting up a surprise twist reveal…and if it isn’t it’s even dumber than the Final Crisis retcon because now Cyclops is hiding TWO black ops teams? One of them massively under qualified compared to the other? Whatever. And the tattoo guy is still the stupidest new character to come out of the X-House in years. Combat-Blindfold is pretty annoying too, but that at least I can buy as a power progression and could possibly be interesting at some point. Wolfmutant #47 is also stupid. Die him please.

X-Force 4 – This is picking up. I’m not sure if they missed a page last issue that would make the Rahne plot clearer or what…I have to say I’m excited about the last page though. Really excited. I mean, sure, they 100% forgot about Angel’s new healing factor (the only remotely interesting thing about him since he got the feathers back)…but at least this angle has possibilities.

Trinity 1 – Whatever. PS. You can cancel Superman/Batman now. Superman/Batman/Wonderwoman is enough.

Avengers-Invader 2 – Some parts were quite good, including the usage of the “new” Bucky retro-origin stuff. Some were very silly, like the “New Avengers” deciding to randomly break the Invaders out even though they must know about the whole time paradox thing as well as anyone. I wonder what time period this is set in? Right after Civil War but before Skrull Invasion I guess? After Elektra was discovered? I don’t know, it doesn’t make much sense.

Cable 4 – I’ll always love Cannoball and I’m always sad when they kill him. Of course, explaining how every other mutant on the planet died would have been nice, but I guess that would have been too rational. All in all, not a bad issue, and it looks like things will be picking up pretty nicely though the rest of the year. Hopefully the Bishop thing will be resolved in an interesting manner (sadly I just want him dead now that he’s been destroyed and remade as a raving madman) and we can move on to….I dunno what. No idea where they would go with this thing once Cable stops being chased, so I have a feeling the chase will continue.

Nova 14 – A slightly different angle on a Galactus story so far and a decent read at that. I have to wonder at the inclusion of the weird possessing entity – I’m assuming it’s being done to set the thing up as a re-occurring villain, because if not it’s an awful lot of page time for filler.

Secret Invasion 3– Very good. Good stuff here. We all saw the suggestion posed at the end of the issue coming – the answer though will probably surprise either way. My money is on him not being a Skrull and this being another mindgame. PS. Bendis, you’re breaking the rules you just set for the Skrulls two months ago (and broke right after that with the Sentry issue & the Skrull meeting in the broom closet) again. I doubt any of the deaths in the fight will take, but if they do it’s some pretty serious stuff. Makes me wonder if there’s any point to reading any more issues of Initiative set before this.

Ultimate Origins 1 – Pretty decent. More interesting than the whole Galactus/Secret thing (sadly). They are finally showing how this universe fundamentally differs from 616, and doing it in a fairly clear-cut way so far.

Nothing had a cover cool enough to put up this week.