Legacy 219 & Juggernaut

December 12, 2008

So there’s an interview up at comicbookresources with Mike Carey, whose writing I love in general, but it looks like the book is taking a direction I’m not going to agree with.  I’m sure it will be well written though.

Here’s the thing with insanely repetitive villains and fighting them over and over again: it gets old.  So hey, we try something different, let’s let Juggernaut be a hero for a while (because people do get over their daddy issues sometimes).  Hey this is actually interesting and different, this guy has some valid and interesting storylines about his struggles with the various aspects of heroics and his past.  I more modern take on the Wolverine-outsider-mechanic, except this one has years of actual history to be based on, instead of all the made up after the fact stuff about his past.  There was a lot of meat to be had on the bones of potential future Juggernaut stories.  I really like that, one of the good things to come out of Chuck Austen’s run on Uncanny.

So, in a very strange turn, Carey is following through on some potential seeds (which were only that, seeds, and could be taken in any number of directions), some of which were laid by another writer (Frank Tieri) who was apparently unhappy with Juggernaut’s heroic turn, brings Juggernaut right back where he started.  Apparently.  I mean, he just (probably) killed some random guy for no good reason.



I guess that means we get another 20 years of tedious stories with the X-Men fighting the Juggernaut.

Seriously…if you really wanted a villainous Juggernaut, just pass the goddam torch to a new person with new issues.  Let Cain move on to something new (as was hinted in the MC2 line years ago).

How about an illegitimate daughter Prof. X abandoned at some point, who was then hyper-aged in an alternate dimension where she was raised, tortured, and brainwashed Stockholme-syndrome style by some random enemy of his?  Just pulling stuff out of my ass here, but you see how easy it is.

There was yet another Avengers title in my box:

Avengers: The Initiative 14: Unlike Hannibal Tabu,  I really enjoyed this issue.  In fact, I may actually read it again (pssst, that’s really high praise from me, I rarely read something more than once inside 5 years).  While I agree that Triathlon’s (sp?) sudden moniker change to “3-D Man” seemed to come out of nowhere…I have to wonder if it didn’t.  The way he was talking about it it sounds like they got their powers from the same place.  Time for some research…

SNAP!  Triathlon is actually directly related/tied to the original 3-D Man!  Dan Slott, you continuity whore, you haven’t let me down yet!  I love that guy.  And not just because he actually commented on my blog once.  So yes, this actually makes pretty good sense and ties in wonderfully (in the magical comic book coincidence way) with the Skrull invasion bit.

Uncanny X-Men 499 – Nothing too surprising here, but still a nice X-read.  Colossus gets angry…so we’re seeing some of that death rage leaking out maybe?  /eh I dunno.  But yeah, all it all it was decent, and we get a brief connector “sort of” showing us how/why they wind up in San Fran.  Oh, and a new *hood of Evil Mutants is forming….

X-Men Legacy 213 – OK, we know Charlie is going to survive, but I have to admit the end of issue cliffhanger really left me wanting 214!  Mike Carey is also doing a great job (taking lessons from Slott? 🙂 ) on using continuity to create new and wonderful storylines.  Continuity is in no way an encumbrance (in my opinion) to a writer who really loves what he’s working with.  Such a difference between something by a writer of this caliber and something by…I don’t know…Jeff Loeb?

PS. Jeff, isn’t it a bit weird to have the Ultimate universe being secretly invaded by ROBOTS at the same time 616 is being secretly invaded by ALIENS?  Now if the Squadron Supreme universe gets secretly invaded by AMAZONS (from the moon!?) we’ll have a sweet little triumphrate of stupidity.  Hint: It’s cool the first time, and hey maybe even the second time…but don’t do it at the SAME TIME!

In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m finding volume 3 of the Ultimates horrid and trite.  Even Joe Mad’s revered pencils look like…well, shit.  Dark, muddied shit.  Blame is laid at the feet of the colorist, whom I understand will be allowed to finish the series, but will not ever be working for Marvel again.  This is a pretty high priority gig to blow in such a way.  I wonder if they’ll get the pages re-colored for the trades?  That would be sweet, then at least I can enjoy looking at them.

Oh, Sabretooth gets mauled by 2 tigers.  That’s…kinda amusing.

The previews for Ellis & Bianchi’s Astonishing X-men run, on the other hand, look beautiful!  So much of a better use for him than that horrible abomination of a Wolverine story Loeb did.

Runaways 30 – Aww, a somewhat-overused-but-still-touching sci-fi/time travel ending and a new Runaways addition AND gorgeous art means this issue is great.  I think I missed 29 though, going to have to look that up.  Definitely picking up the trades for this.

Wolverine 65 – “Get Mystique” finale..wow who didn’t see that lame ass/cop-out ending coming from ohh…since the arc was announced?


Ultimate X-Men 93 – Umm. OK. Sure, whatever. Things are reset almost to ground zero – the professor’s legs are broken again?? What the fucking hell? Did Kirkman un-break them then re-break just to be like the classic run? All that changed was that we’ve got a weird guy with 2 heads hanging out with the main “team” now. Whatever.

Exiles 6 – God, this penciller is bugging the hell out of me. Please let this be his last issue. Plot was kinda lax/fast moving and it looks like it just served to introduce another very generic badass that The InvisEvil Woman will add to her crew. Chris, I know you can do better. The bits with “Kat” are about the only interesting ones.

Captain Britain & MI13 1 – Great first issue, will definitely be getting this one.

Secret Invasion: FF – I’ve been wondering where the heck Lyja went for quite a while, so seeing her is at least good news. But I’m not buying this evil Lyja bit, hopefully that wraps/un-wraps itself. Was I the only person that liked her?

X-Men Legacy 211 – For the first time in years, I was forced to actually look up an obscure x-character, and still didn’t know who he was until I saw the picture (Hazard). Good show Mike, good show. The plot seems to be picking up – not that I was complaining before – but Mike’s actually managed to make Prof. X interesting to me again. Looking forward to the Juggernaut appearance and hoping it’s keeping with his recent Austen->Claremont characterization.

Clandestine 4 – I may pick this up in the trades if it finishes strongly – there are a lot of disparate plot elements and it’s going to depend on how they come together. Alan Davis’ pencils are gorgeous of course.